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Reflection recollection

By: Anjali Khanna

                   In vain, reflected back are fragments to face. 

A cheekbone that once broke, slammed against the safe keep - you shudder and your head turns as if following the path 
An extended limb littered by angles of anguish long extinguished and exposed and yet your gaze grows restless finally settling back to face
A forehead that forever fears four minutes ahead, the weight of which rests on eyebrows you've seen refined and defined countless times shaped and formed to withstand the emotional expression reserved for beneath where
Eyes meet, lit at first appearance before retreating to deceive the peers from others peeking in too deep, mesmerized by the encounter the reflection wavers 
Hair falls to soften and frame, strands that have been dyed to direct stranger stares and hide any indication that I just might have cared - defeated 
Head hung low only to be disheartened further by breasts that rest across my chest; defining and distinguishing my docility pressed against my heart in constant unrest.

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Poemgasm is a free poem writing app for those who are fascinated with poetry. Verses and poetry represent your style of living, and you just need a way to share it with others.Than this is your writing spot.

Our vision is to get together people around the world that are “obsessed” with poetry, or if you want to say it in a nicer way, it is a place for those who just enjoy poetry. Poemgasm is at the same time an inspirational place, it gives you an opportunity to communicate with each other, and to get an inspiration from other people’s thoughts.

The way Poemgasm works

Poemgasm is a poetry app/spot where you will be able to create your personal profile, or even log in through Facebook. So you can write your own poems, like other people’s poetry, comment each other posts, and even if you don’t know anything about poetry, maybe you get inspired how to write a poem. One thing that distinguishes Poemgasm from other writing apps is that you will be able to choose a certain part of people you want to follow and communicate through private messages.

In a simple way you will be able to search most popular and newest poems in a certain time period. We think you will enjoy our application whether you are a writer or just a person that enjoys reading poetry. What if I want to hear other people’s opinion about my writings? In that case Poemgasm is a right place for you. You will find inspiring people, hear their opinion about your poetry and feelings, and you connect with them through messages.

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